Wednesday, March 29, 2006

INXS announces 2nd single "Afterglow"

Broke the news about INXS new CD here first :)

and their CD:

Pretty Vegas was their first single with JD Fortune as lead singer, they have announced that "Afterglow" is their 2nd CD Single from their Switch CD Set.

Awesome song :)


Check out K-Maro and his new gear.

Pearl Jam New CD

Image hosting by Photobucket

Pearl Jam defined the music of a generation much like Silverchair did and still does in Australia. Groups like Pearl Jam, Guns and Roses defined the music of the 90's.

World Wide Suicide is the first single out from this groups next chapter in their massive career.The guys are heading for Australia for a tour later on in the year. Had to really laugh today I said to someone are you going to get their gear in and they said..........

I can't say that here :P

Here is the tracklist:

1.Life Wasted 2.World Wide Suicide 3.Comatose 4.Severed Hand 5.Marker in the Sand 6.Parachutes 6.Unemployable 8.Big Wave 9.Gone 10.Wasted Reprise 11.Army Reserve 12.Come Back 13.Inside Job.

The CD is due out 5th May 2006.

Pearl Jam Rocks!

Blog 27!

Check their website :)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Just love their music :)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Unplugged Review of Bodypump 57!

Decided to do the technical reviews from now on off the site. They seem to be more personal and I can do a bit of HTML and Javascript Web Development.

I am also doing one for Bodybalance 32 as well :)

In blog land you can only do so much and I guess this is taking it to the next level!



Hootie and the Blowfish New Single!

Get out of my Mind is the new single for the guys.

Check out their URL below for it :)

© 2005 Hootie & the Blowfish


1. State Your Peace 2. Hey Sister Pretty 3. The Killing Stone 4. Get Out of My Mind 5. Another Year's Gone By 6. Can I See You 7. A Smile 8. One Love 9. Leaving 10. Autumn Jones 11. Free to Everyone 12. Waltz Into Me

Current singles Get out of my Mind and One Love :)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Back to Bodypump 57 and my unplugged review!

A while back I wrote a review of Bodypump off the site. I am feeling creative and I am going to do one the same as I did for Bodypump 55.

Using an external link it makes it more personal.

I just love writing in HTML and Javascript :)

It is totally unplugged liked the one for Bodypump 55 :)

It should be here on Friday :)

Currently listening to: Delta Goodrem Longer from Innocent Eyes.

I loved her work in the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Melboure :)

A-Ha Analogue

The guys from A-Ha recorded a new CD and it is now getting much deserved attention. I love the guys new sound and they have re-defined their musical style. Some of the gear on the CD is outstanding.


01. Celice 02. Don't Do Me Any Favours 03. Cosy Prisons 04. Analogue 05. irthright 06. Holyground 07. Over The Treetops 08. Halfway Through The Tour 09. The Fine Blue Line 10. Keeper Of The Flame 11. Make It Soon 12. White Dwarf 13. The Summers Of Our Youth.

Check the site some of their gear would rock in Bodypump.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

World Exclusive Michael J McSweeney Update!

This is an exclusive to this site and and update on where Michael has gone since he has left Les Mills International.

Michael J Mc Sweeney choreographed Pump 1 - 26 and then from Pump 27 it became Bodypump and he choreographed the release from Bodypump 27 to his final release Bodypump 58.

The information has been checked by myself. If you have any questions please address to the administrator of the site via the profile above.

You need to click here to find out the information and follow the links to their site.

Click here to find out exclusive news On Michael J McSweeney where and what he is doing now.Then follow the links!

If you have any queries please address them to the contact staff at the site directed to.

Or you can click on the Where is Mike! button.

So now you know where Michael J Mc Sweeney is!

Always link back to the site when referencing information from this site please.

The information is exclusive to this site!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

March 2004 Entry Bodypump 47!

I must have tons of archived posts here.

Just unlocked Bodypump 47!

Now in the process of unlocking back to Bodypump 38 :)

New poll Bodypump 57!

Just added a new poll on the best track from Bodypump 57 :)

People are still voting at the Bodypump 56 site!

Moved back to the main site Bodypump 57!

Bodypump 57!

It is officially now release internationally!

Suzi Quatro - Back To The Drive 2006!

© 2005 EMI Australia

Sizi Quatro has a new CD called "Back to the Drive" and released in Australia on the 6th March 2006.

I have heard the CD and it is awesome :)


1. Back To The Drive 2. 15 Minutes Of Fame 3. Duality 4. I Don´t Go Gentle 5. I´ll Walk through The Fire With You 6. Wasted Moment 7. Rockin´ In The Free World 8. No Choice 9. Sometimes Love Is Letting Go 10. Dancing In The Wind 11. Free The Butterfly 12. Born Making Noise

Suzi Quatro rocks, track 9 is a awesom track from the CD :) and would be an awesome track 10 in Bodypump or a 8 or 9 in any Bodybalance/Flow :)

Check her website out at:

Friday, March 24, 2006

Heat Of The Moment Pit Baily meets Asia!

(c) 2006 Sunnyside Up Germany


Heat of the Moment Radio Edit
Heat of the Moment Club Mix
Heat of the Moment Radio Mix
Heat of the Moment Club Remix
Heat of the Moment Instrumental

In 1982 I was blown away by a new sound the music of Asia "Heat of the Moment" came on on American Top 40 I thought what a awesome song they blew me away with Only Time Will Tell, Don't Cry......

Pit Bailay has done a wonderful dance/trance version of that track.

That track would be awesome to do as track 2 in any Bodypump class or maybe the original by Asia :)

I love the club mix of the track.

Jackie'O Does Don't Cha "Pussy Cat Dolls"

Copyright © 2006 Almighty Records

Bodypumps favorite artist has just recorded a version of Don't Cha by the Pussycat Dolls. Check out her 7" Anthem Mix.

The Pussycat Dolls are featured in the current Bodypump [written 24th March 2006].

01: Don't Cha (7" Anthem Mix)
02: Don't Cha (12" Anthem Mix)
03: Don't Cha (12" Anthem Dub)
04: Don't Cha (12" Instrumental)
05: Don't Cha (12" Definitive Mix)

That song would rock in any Bodypump class :)

Check out our favorite warmup artists track!

Happy 2nd birthday!

I opened the site March 2004 around this time and now its 2 years later.

Thanks to everyone who has visited the site since March 2004.

kia ora to all :)

Just added a link to Bodypump 48 - 49!

For those who have not been here since day one in March 2004!

A little over 1 year ago I did an article on The Tale of Two Bodypumps!

The following link has been added.

Enjoy the read :)

Nick Cannon is hot!

Nick is hot and he knows it!

How can I live is his first CD Single Out.

That track would rock as an abs track in any bodypump class :)

Can imagine Hoovers and Side Bridges to the max :)

World Exclusive Prince - 3121!

© 2006 Universal Music

On the 21st March 2006 Prince released his new CD entitled 3121.


1 3121 2 Lolita 3 Te Amo Corazon 4 Black Sweat 5 Incense and Candles 6 Love 7 Satisfied 8 Fury 9 The Word 10 Beautiful, Loved & Blessed 11 The Dance 12 Get On The Boat

I have almost everything he has done and also have a huge Purple Rain Poster. I hope that Prince and his music from 3121 makes its way into Bodypump - Bodycombat or Bodyjam :)

Black Sweat would be an awesome awesome track 9 in any Bodypump Class or a track 6 in any Bodybalance class :)

You can hear it at:

You can hear "Black Sweat" there :)

You can watch the video at:

Thursday, March 23, 2006

My top 10 lunge tracks of all time!

Was thinking of my favorite top 10 lunge tracks of all time and here they are :) in no particular order:

01. BP 31 Mysterious times Sash! Feat Tina Cousins
02. BP 33 Open your eyes Ko- Ko
03. BP 39 Adelante Sash!
04. BP 42 Set You Free N-Trance
05. BP 44 Something Lasgo
06. BP 47 Castles In The Sky Ian Van Dahl
07. BP 48 I belive Sash!
08. BP 49 Stay Sash! Feat. La Trec
09. BP 53 Love Comes again DJ Tiesto
10. BP 55 As The Rush Comes, Motorcycle The Best Lunge Track of all time :)

Are you ready for a Longview?

© 2005 Sony Internationa

Longview are an awesome group not much airplay. Their musical style is like the group Embrace.

1. Further 2. Can't Explain 3. When You Sleep 4. In A Dream 5. Nowhere 6. I Would 7. Electricity 8. Still 9. One More Try 10. Falling For You 11. If You Asked 12. Will You Wait Here.

Check their URL below for this awesome group :)

Entry Short - Train - Cab!

Train have a new single called Cab from for me its you - check their URL for the track.

Music is undergoing a change and the change is lead by Train :) and Live.....

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spoiler Bodypump 58 Sizzler

The sizzler is located in the Spoiler site.

Important Notice:

By entering the link below you acknowledge that you want to know information about the next version of Bodypump being Bodypump 58. By clicking on the hyperlink below you accept the conditions of entry that are displayed via the copyright notices that are displayed on this site and the spoiler site.

If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of entry to the site then exit the site at anytime please. The administration team of this site requires that anyone entering this site or any other additional sites that are attached to this site to observe the copyright notices attached and also observe the confidentiality of the site.

Thanking you for you co-operation

The Management and Administrator!

Off Topic Cyclone Larry Queensland!

Occasionally I do a post on things that are significant and have social impact - The death of Peter Jennings - The death of Kerry Packer for example this is one of those threads.

As some may be aware Cyclone Larry devistated the Queensland Coastline and Innisfail in Far North Queensland suffered massive devistation.

Cyclone Larry was the biggest cyclone in over 72 years.

One in three houses in the region now roofless - 1/2 of the building in Innisfail are damaged - over 30 injuries - 80 % of crops damaged - The banana and the sugar industry in shock - Hundreds of thousands of homes with no electricity.

It was the strongest Cyclone at Category 5.

Having been in cyclones myself it is very scary being in the centre of such a force of natures power.

Australia is digging deep and we are going to rebuild Far North Queensland.

On behalf of myself I wish to pass on my thoughts to everyone up there and may you all be safe.

My prayers go out to all up North Queensland!

If you are in Australia you can donate at any Commonweath Bank bulding I think?

Donations are tax deductable.

News Source:

If you want me.......

(c) 2003 Hussie Records Australia

Michael Woods and Imogen Bailey teamed up for "If you Want Me" in 2002. The single CD was released again in 2003.


1. Warrior Edit - (studio, with Michael Woods)
2. Lifestylers Edit - (studio, with Michael Woods)
3. Antillas Remix - (studio, with Michael Woods)
4. Northstarz Remix Multimedia Section - (studio, with Michael Woods)

Imogen Bailey and Michael's CD single is awesome. I would love to do a track 2 or maybe a track 7 to their music :)

Imogen is a super model would love to hear more of her singing :)

Check out Superfly website for more on her:

E-Type is building a Viking Village!

I kid you not! (Insert shock and disbelief icon here!)

Read the article here!

Or visit his URL! (Sorry its not in English)

Jason Greeley

© 2005 Jason Greeley

His bio is at:


1 LIVE…..LOVE…..SING 2. Another Day 3 Slammin Doors 4 Sad Songs 5 Get Over You 6 Shady Ole Town 7 Tonight 8 Living for Nothin 9 Dreams 10 Tear Me Away

The dude simply rocks :)

Check his URL and his music :)


Monday, March 20, 2006

Track 9's to loose the love handles and getting them off!

Just have to say :

9 BP 32 Bailamos Enrique Iglesias
9 BP 48 Get Me Some Mercury 4

Those two tracks are perfect for getting rid of the love handles. If you want to loose them ask your Bodypump Instructor - Coach to do those tracks.


They target the External Abdominal Oblique the Rectus Abdominus and Tansverse Abdominus, you are forced to lift and activate the External Obliques - Internal Oblique and the Transversus Abdominus.

The selection of exercises choreographed by Michael in the tracks above are perfect for getting rid off the love handles.

So if you want them gone ask for the above tracks over - over and over again :)

New Enrique Iglesias CD due mid year!

Enrique Iglesias has confirmed that he is going to release a new CD mid year. When it comes out you will hear it here first.

He provided the song for an outstanding abs track choreographed by Michael which had tons of Spinal mobalisation and stabalisation work going on in the track :)

Bodypump 32 :)

9 BP 32 Bailamos Enrique Iglesias

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Da Buzz New CD Now Out!

Last Goodbye is the latest single from the Da Buzz from the new CD.

They rocked with "Let Me Love You" from the Bodypump 41 :)

Bodypump 41 Trackview:>>>>>>>>

01. Let me love you Da Buzz - Awesome warmup track.
02. Send me an angle Mythos N DJ Cosmo - The hardest squat track besides Now we are Free by Dreamgate.
03. Starlight The Superman Lovers - The hardest chest track ever nothing compares to this track.
04. Let me fly Kim Lucas - You just want to fly with Kim in this awesome track 4.
05. Hey Baby DJ Otzi - One happy track and love the ending a real tough triceps track.
05. Let me entertain you Robbie Williams - Let Robbie Williams entertain your biceps
07. Silence Delirium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Was and still is an outstanding lunge track.
08. Everybody Scream Paffendorf The music is entrancing Paffendorf are way cool and love them in Bodypump 38.
09. Paid my dues Anastacia - That track is one awesome abs track I love Anastacia for abs :)
10 Fly away from here Aerosmith - Aerosmith rocked in Bodybalance 7 BB 05 Come Together Aerosmith and 8 BB 08 Don't want to miss a thing Aerosmith they rock here with a way cool cooldown.

Bodypump 41 was a tough Bodypump :)

I have no idea why they have not been used in any other Bodypump or Bodystep class.

Mopps (Mark Nuu) please use Da Buzz in Bodystep please :)

They also appeared in 1 BA 43 Wanna Be With Me Da Buzz as a track 1. Which was an OTT warmup for a Bodyattack Class (choreographed by Lisa O.)

You can watch Wanna Be With Me on their website :) that track rocks IMO!

Any track below would rock in any Les Mills class IMO!

Dangerous - How Could You Leave Me - Come Away With Me - Waiting For Me - Stay Forever - Young Lost - Without You - Set My Heart On Fire - I Love You - Stuck - I've Been Waiting - Can't Give Up Love - Magic In The Air - Alive- Wonder Where You Are - Paradise

Songs by Da Buzz get the happy endorphins going :) and they are what make a class happy :)

Check the video for their latest offering at:

They look totally hot and the CD sure is going to be a chart topper :)

(c) 2006 Endel Records Sweeden


Last Goodbye - World for 2 - Soon my Heart - Give me Your Hand - Tell Me No Lies - Without Breaking - Life is Good - Together we got the Power - The Echo - Live my Life With You - Here I am - Last Goodbye Remix.

Its great to have them back :)

Steve Miller Band vs.Gauzz!

Who was a child of the 80's.

Now stick your hands up in the air :)

Hand goes up and yells out Yes :)

Back in 1982 The Steve Mille Band released a top single called "Abracadabra" it was a number 1 single from 1982. Well Gauzz recently did a mix of the song and it is the combination of his work and the original by The Steve Miller Band and now we have "Abracadabra"

I still say to this day that the music of 1981 - 1983 was some of the best music ever created :)

That track would rock in any Bodypump Class :)

Check it out :)

Featured Artist March - April 2006!

Is the one and only Cascada!

(See banner below!)


Saturday, March 18, 2006

Some reaction to.......

Abdominal stabilisation understanding your body and body alignment entry.

I have had some reaction to the article.

The article is controversial but that's the aim of the article.

It is challenging the traditional concepts of what is being currently out there.

The article is a viewpoint.

Life would be boring without different viewpoints :)

The Today Show Big and Rich!

I was amazed today to see the guys from Big and Rich on The Today Show.

They were there for St Patricks Day.

The sung "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" which is a fair dinkum cowboy song :)

They were featured on Bodypump 53 as track 6.

That is just one of the best track 6 ever.

Introducing Ne-yo!

© 2006 Def Jam

In my own words by Ne-yo was released on the 28th Feb this year it is his debut CD. I heard his single "So Sick" and that was it I am sold on the dudes music. I heard the song on a music/video channel I watched today. So sick is currently no 6 on the US charts. If you liked my review of Chris Brown here last year you will love the music of Ne-yo. So Sick features LL Cool J. His first single out was Stay and also When Your Mad are featured on the CD.

Neyo has written for artists like - Mario - Marj J Blithe - Faith Evans who is featured in the current releases.


1. Stay 2. Get Down Like That 3. Let me get this Right 4. When you're Mad 5. So Sick 6. I Ain't Gotta Tell You 7. Mirror 8. Sign Me Up 9. It Just Ain't Right 10. Girlfriend 11. Let Go 12. Time

Check his URL please:

Mike McSweeney Unplugged!

One of the very last ever interviews with Michael J Mc Sweeney.

An autobiogrpahical history of the man - the emotions - the impact Michael has had on Les Mills International and their now leading recongnised Body programs.

He helped in the creation of Bodyattack - Bodypump and RPM. He was always there to lend a ear to offer his professional view point to all.

Mike you will be sadly missed by myself!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Exciting news coming next week!

Well I am excited come here next week and find out :)

The cooldown why is it important?

Writing up something on this and will post this weekend.

Love the cooldown part of the class in Bodypump :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Abdominal stabilisation understanding your body and body alignment!

Do you believe in Abdominal stabilization?

Yes I do!

The target muscles are Iliopsoas - Rectus Femoris (Assisted Adbominal Stabalisation.)

Joints Activation - Hip Flexors

When we raise our legs and do abdominal work in a typical abdominals section of any aerobics class that we might want to attend, In saying that there is a large amount of stabalisation going on. When we reset the legs in Bodypump or any other aerobics class there is a large amount of stabalisation occuring as well.

The correct alignment and position of the body when executing functional abdominal movement should work the TVA and also the External Obliques to them maximal. We want to stabalise the abdominal region when doing Pelvic Tilts and also Reverse Crunches - bicycle Crunches to name a few examples. You need to develop proper alignment control and learn how your body is positioning in supine in any exercise. You need to understand your own limitations Kyphosis and Lordosis to name two common issues that some people have and learn to work with the limitations. This comes from personal learning which is individual. You need to understand your own spinal alignment as well, when you understand this you are able to functionally perform the abdominal stabalisation work in any abdominal exercise safely.

In addition, the right way of doing abdomianl work is alignment - to achieve alignment we need to maintain a neutral spine this means no pressing the spine into the floor (that is where we learn our own spinal alignment.) and work within speific range movements everyone is different, we don't have the same spines.

In addition the stablisation of the abs is important we stabalise them through day to day functional movment. In saying that we use a variety of exercises to properly stablise the abdominals. In Bodypump there are a number or variety of abdominal stabalisation exercises Michael has choreographed into each release. (I have a personal viewpoint.) that the same ab track should be used for a number of sessions so that the client can develop proper execution of movment and get the most out of that part of the class. That is a personal viewpoint.

The breath cycle is also important most people don't know that breath - syncronised with the movement of body while performing Abdominal Stabalisation work is important, the breath cycle needs to be syncronised. Breathing in and out in the right place. It is through proper breathing that we lengthen and contract the muscles. Knowing where to breath in ab work is important, you need to do it right. You need to talk to your Bodypump Instructor about breath control while doing abdominal work in Bodypump.

Understanding the Transverse Abdominus - Rectus Abdominus - External Obliques - Sartorius and their alignment and in conjunction with breath control and proper alignment of the spinal column makes each session doing the abs more intense. If you understand the whole process then the ab section of Bodypump is one of the most important part of the class.

Most people skip this part of the class.

Stay and do the abs section of Bodypump please it is one of the most important parts of the class. Many people skip this part of the class why? The current ab track from release 57 is awesome I love it and it is one well structurted ab tracks. IMO! There have been a number of awesome ab tracks Michael has created in the time he choreographed the releases.


Next in the series the cooldown and why it is one of the most important parts of Bodypump!

Narcotic Thrust

The way I listen to music has been influenced by Michaels awesome release 55.

The following group are in the same style of the music Michael has used on release 55 :)

Narcotic Thrust are Andy Morris and Stuart Crichto.

"When the dawn breaks" is their current single - it is hot on the heals of their last single "I Like It"

The reason for the entry is that their single "When the Dawn Breaks" would be an awesome lunge track in any Bodypump class.

Safe from Harm is trance at it's best :)

Check the guys site Narcotic Thrust wont disappoint :) they have a media section with their latest gear there.

Are you ready for Narcotic Thrust?

Meck vrs Leo Sayer Thunder in my Heart!

© 2006 Sony/BMG Australia



Thunder in my heart! is a Leo Sayer meeting Meck. The single went all the way to number 1 for Leo and Meck in the United Kingdom.

Leo now lives Downunder which is good for us as we now have Leo Sayer :) Leo could not get a recording gig in the UK so he moved down here and now he is recording here which is good for us :)

We Love Leo down here and he is welcome to record here anyday :)

Leo Sayer Rocks :)

Check the video feed at:

Imagine doing track 3 or track 5 to Leo Sayer. :)

Madonna's New Single Sorry!

© 2006 Sire/Warner International


1. Sorry (Single Edit)
2. Sorry (Man With Guitar Edit)
3. Sorry (Psb Maxi-Mix)
4. Sorry (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
5. Sorry (Green Velvet Remix)
6. Let It Will Be (Paper Faces Vocal Edit)

I have been a fan of Madonnas since 1983 when she landed on the music scene with Lucky Star and Borderline. I have followed the Material Girls career for the last 23 years and love love love her music. She is the ultimate rock chick and I adore her music and her craft as a singer.

Not to many people know this that I am classically trained as a Jazz Ballet Dancer. Being trained classically in the 70's and I love putting on her music and dancing to it :) I am also formally trained in Ballroom Dancing as well :) and have competed as well.

That song would rock in Bodyjam :)

I have all her 7" singles and her best of singles.

I adore her in Bodybalance/Flow with "Frozen" from both releases on Release I think 4 and release 20 and also her wonderful sun sals track from Bodybalance/Flow 13 with "What It Feels Like For A Girl" which is why I got so deep into Bodybalance/Flow because of that track.

She also is in Bodypump 38 which I love also.

Madonna is a complete legend to me :)

We reviewed her album here first before anyone else :) which is an exclusive to this site :)

My initial release information on her new CD:

Madonna is back with Sorry from her Confessions on Dance Floor CD there is a Pet Shop Boys Maxi Mix as well which is well worth the listening to as well.

Check her site for Sorry!

Or check here for all her singles:

I would love to do lunges or squats or back track to that track :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

XVIII Commonweath Games® 2006 Melbourne!

Where I am from we have the Commonwealth Games® which is where nations that form the Commonwealth come together each 4 years and compete on a sporting level. Much like the Olympics® are every 4 years.

Queen Elizabeth the II is opening the ceremony she is really Queen Elizabeth the 1st of Australia.

Congratulations on all the competitors who are about to embark on immortal history and come together for our special sporting event in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

Will keep everyone updated on the metal's during the games!

I am so proud to be a citizen of The Commonwealth :)

Olympics® is a registered trade mark of the International Olympic® Federation

The Commonwealth Games® is a registered trade mark.

Lacuna Coil on the verge of something big in 2006.

On April 3, 2006 Karmacode will be released.

It is the most awaited album of 2006 some say.

Cristina Scabbia - Cristiano Migliore - Marco Coti Zelati - Cristiano Mozzati are Lucuna Coil they come from Italy and are a gothic rock act.

I am heavy into Gothic Rock acts like:

Within Temptation:



(C) 2006 Century Media
Karmacode (2006)


1.Fragile 2.To The Edge 3.Our Truth 4.Within Me 5.Devoted 6. You Create 7. What I See 8. Fragments Of Faith 9. Closer 10. In Visible Light 11. The Game 12. Without Fear 13. Enjoy The Silence.

Our Truth is the first single out was released 17th February 2006 it is a stunning single. The single appears on the CD Underworld Evolution. as well.

Would love to do biceps to that track :)

The single can be viewed at:

They have a frappr at:

It is great that they are back :)

Bodypump 56 Poll Update!

The poll is still active at:

Believe (Give a Little Bit) - Joana Zimmer 13.06% 44 (3rd Place.)
Voodoo Child - Rogue Traders 25.22% 85 (1st Place.)
She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals 6.23% 21
Why - DJ Sammy 2.67% 9
Satisfaction - Benny Benassi 12.17% 41
Gonna Make You Sweat (Steve Anderson & Dakeyne mix) - C& C Music Factory 7.42% 25
Wonderful Life (Dance Version) - Tina Cousins 7.72% 26
I Like The Way You Move - Bodyrockers 13.65% 46 (2nd Place.)
Do you really want to Hurt Me - Blue Lagoon 2.67% 9
Angels - Robbie Williams 5.93% 20
Spirit in the Sky - Gareth Gates 3.26% 11

Total 100%

Total Votes so far 337 massive votes :)

Voodoo Child - Rogue Traders are still ahead 337 people have now voted keep the votes up.

Poets of the Fall :)

From Helsinki comes Poets of the Fall.

I love Poets of the Fall they have a new single called Carnival of Rust which was released this month :)

Carnival of Rust (2006) - Current Track!

1. Carnival of Rust (Radio Edit) 2. Carnival of Rust 3. Don't Mess With Me (Live)

Hopefully a new CD will be in the offering this year :)

Copyright © 2006 Poets of the Fall.

Signs of Life (2005)


1. Lift 2. Overboard 3. Late Goodbye 4. Don't Mess With Me 5. 3 AM 6. Stay 7. Seek You Out 8. Shallow 9. Everything Fades 10. Someone Special 11. Illusion & Dream 12. Sleep

Hits from Poets CD from 2005:

Illusion & Dream (Massive Hit)
Late Goodbye
Everything Fades

Will write more on them :) check their website out please :) and also their music samples there as well.

Music is undergoing a change currently would love to see music of this genre in Bodypump!


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Jon Secada NEW CD!

© 2005 Big3 Records

Same Dream was released October 2005. I loved track 5 on Bodypump 23 and the re-creation of that track by Michael in release 48.

After 5 years away Jon came back and the end work was Same Dream.


1. Bring On The Sun 2. Window To My Heart 3. All I Wanna Be 4. My Baby Don't Rock Like that 5. Same Dream 6. Someday 7. Tender Love 8. Free 9. Love's Tears 10. Last To Know 11. It's Over 12. She's All I Ever Had 13. Coming Out Of The Dark

Bodypump Discogrpahy:

5 BP 23 To Late Too Soon John Secada
5 BP 48 RW To late to Soon Jon Secada

Jons music is awsome and outstanding I love track 5 of Bodypump 23 and 48. If your LM Instructor goes back that far ask them to do them in your class. You will love the ending :) promise :).

Jons voice never ceases to amaze me I loved Just Another Day - Im Free which are special songs :) to this CD. Jon is still as hot today as he was back in the 80's and 90's. (Grammy News on jon.)

We want more 2 Unlimited!

What do we want 2 Unlimited when do we want it NOW!

Tribal Dance rocked in Bodypump 48 an awesome track 8 by Michael (pumpforg) McSweeny. That dude can write awesome choreogrpaphy he owns the block on that track IMO!

Well on the guys site have a Petition to bring back Anita and do more 2 Unlimited gear.


4 BP 12 Maximum Overdrive 2 Unlimited
6 BP 12 Burning Like Fire 2 Unlimited
7 BP 17 Break the Chain 2 Unlimited
10 BP 19 Nothing Like the Rain 2 Unlimited
4 BP 28 Wanna get up 2 Unlimited
4 BP 43 Never Surrender 2 Unlimited
8 BP 48 RW Tribal Dance 2 Unlimited
10 BP 49 Nothing Like The Rain 2 Unlimited

Go to the URL and vote for 2unlimited to reform and make new music.

They rock in Bodypump :)

Coming up!

A special tribute to Michael J McSweeney and his contribution to Les Mills Bodypump.

I am in the middle of writing it up.

If anyone has something special to share for this I would be very happy to put it in the tribute.

Please e-mail me and it would be included :)

Dierks Bentley Settle for a Slowdown!

©2006 Dierks Bentley

I must be in a very romantic mood latley :) and listening to a-lot of songs like this :)


1. Lot of Leavin' Left to Do 2. Come a Little Closer 3. Cab of My Truck 4. Settle for a Slowdown 5. Domestic, Light and Cold 6. Good Things Happen 7. Down on Easy Street 8. So So Long 9. Modern Day Drifter 10. Good Man Like Me 11. Gonna Get There Someday

Settle for a slowdown is the latest single for Dierks Bentley he is a country singer from the USA.

Settle for a Slowdown is Dierks latest single. Come a little closer is a top track from the CD :) that would be an awesome track 10 :)

On CMT you can watch his wonderful video.

I adore the music of Dierks and that track would rock as a cooldown in any Bodypump Class.

I must be in a country rock mood latley we never have had a country song for a cooldown :)

Check Dierks site and check his latest country hit :)

Monday, March 13, 2006

As the Rush Comes Paul Oakenford - Great Wall 2003!

(c) 2003 Sire / London/Rhino

Remember track 7 of bodypump 55, the best every Bodypump in living history of Bodypump :) nothing can ever come close to BP 55 ever IMO! Mike rocked choreographing that one IMO! What a legend pumpfrog is IMO!

This is one awesome CD :) have discovered a huge trance version of the track on Pauls CD.

I have been racking my brain where I have heard the lunge track to Bodypump 55 for a long time. I found where I had it.

It is on Perfecto presents Paul Oakenfold - Great Wall.

The CD is so cool.

1. Nugen – Darksides 2. Little Wonder – Eclipse (Leama & Moor Mix) 3. Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River (Bill Hamel Remix) 4. Leama – Requiem for a Dream (Leama’s Dream Mix) 5. Solarstone – Release 6. Dave Gahan – Dirty Sticky Floor (JXL Remix) 7. Skip Raiders – Another Day 8. Casa Flava – De Moma De (Paris & Sharp Mix) 9. Madonna – Hollywood (Oakenfold Mix)10. Jon B – Mercury Skies (Trance Mix)

1. Ian Brown – Fear (UNKLE Mix) 2. Bjork – Pagan Poetry3. Infusion – Legacy (Junkie XL Remix) 4. Layo and Bushwacka – Deep South (Oakenfold Remix) 5. Zero – Emit / Collect (Rennie Pilgrem Remix) 6. Jon B – Electro Freak 7. Blackwatch featuring Quiver – Loveless (Original Mix) 8. Oakenfold – Hypnotised (Deepsky Remix) 9. Patient Saints – Imperpetuum Mobila 10. Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes

Check out Justin Timerlake and Madonna on the CD. The CD is a top one and has tons of progressive trance tracks. They are top tracks from the CD.

The track is 10 minutes long. Which is really cool :)

I adore Bodypump 55 :)

Why this site exists?


When I created the site in 2004. The aim of the site was so that where ever I was I could go on the internet and look at the tracklists for Bodypump and also the other releases that Les Mills International have.

Last year the site was made public and I guess that the site now is here for everyone to come and read up on Les Mills Internationals programs like Bodypump, Bodybalance etc.....

The site is an educational site and also a site that I showcase music from diverse parts of the world and also my thoughts on the different releases and also what I think is cool about each release.

The site services Les Mills Bodypump Addicts around the world. It is a non-commercial site. I don't get paid anything for maintaing and updating the site. I do this because I am passionate about Bodypump and Bodybalance and wanted to share my passion for these programs.

The site serves as a intro site to new people who come to Bodypump. The site also showcases the talent from each release and also gives users of the site an insight into the artists and the performers who make up each release.

The site also promotes the websites of the artists of each release and also I feature some artists from each release. I also give fan-based listings for each artist and links to their websites as well. It is a knowledge base and that is the intention of the site.

The site also showcases the trainers and instructors of the various Les Mills programmes that are offered as well.

Because I have been with Bodypump since 1998 - 9 I have years of information and knowledge that I also wanted to get out, it is no good inside my head so I post it here.

Please use this site enjoy what is here.

I hope that everyone likes the site.

kia ora


Stripping back the site!

There are a few users of the site that found loading times of the blogger a bit long because of the excessive graphics. So the site has been stripped down.

Hope that allows them to view the site on their 56k dial up modem.......... that runs at 33k...............

The site is going to have a new skin attached so thats something coming up soon........

Sunday, March 12, 2006

100 % Country Bodypump Release!

Was listening to radio last night about 2.00 am in the morning. I head some rather progressive country rock on the radio.

We have had Save a Horse by Big and Rich from Bodypump 53 as a track 6. I kinda liked that song and found it different, and Hold Your Horses from E-Type from the same release.

So I was wondering about tracks that would be used in a Country Bodypump!

Here is a few ideas:

They could use:

01. Shania Twain Man I Feel Like a Woman as a Biceps track :) which would rock :).
02. Jesus take the Wheel - Carrie Underwood
03. Who Says You Can't Go Home - Jon Bon Jovi w/ Jennifer Nettles
04. Something's Gotta Give - LeAnn Rimmes
05. The Lucky One - Faith Hill
06. That don't impress me much - Shania Twain :) abs :)

(in no particular order.)

They could use Brooks and Dunn - Tim McGraw and Keith Urban to name a few!

Now thinking of other tracks they could use :)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Filming Bodypump Outside!

Had an idea or thought would it would rock if Bodypump was filmed outside for something different or they could film Bodypump in an arena (in a circle) format!

I would def go to that :)

Yes [X} or No [ ]

Introducing the most exciting group of 2006 Lorraine I Feel It!

Waterfall Records (c)2006

Lorraine are from Bergen Norway, they are about to take on the United Kingdom with their debut CD.

Current Release 10th April 2006.

01 I Feel It (see site for audio.)
02 K-19

Past Releases:

Tell Me Where You Wanna Go (see site for audio.)
She Lives In Gardens (see site for audio.)
Transatlantic Flight (see site for audio.)

Check this group from the Norway :) their single I feel it rocks :)

It will be released on the 10th April 2006, their CD is expected mid year.

Get ready 2006 for Lorrraine :) and their mysapace is at:

You heard them here first!

Vote Number 1: Evergreen Gareth Gates !

I occasionally think a track would rock in a Bodypump class. I would go through the moves I think would be cool in the use of that track and well this track from 2000 from Gareth Pop Idol debut CD would have been an awesome track 10.

Gareth rocked in Bodybump 56 as the bonus track "Spirit in the Sky" well he has a wonderfull track called Evergreen. We had a version of the track in Bodypump 49 - 48 everywhere else as a track one by the wonderfull Belle Lawrence. Thats my alltime favorite track 1 ever in Bodypump I kid you not :)

1 BP 48 Evergreen Bell Lawrence
2 BP 48 Pride Joanna
3 BP 48 Who said stuck in the UK Planet Funk
4 BP 48 Stay Déjà vu Feat. Tasmin
5 BP 48 Kothahitanga Oceania
6 BP 48 Bring me to life Evenescense
7 BP 48 I belive Sash!
8 BP 48 U Can't Touch This Beam vrs Cyrus feat MC Hammer
9 BP 48 Get Me Some Mercury 4
10 BP 48 Calling all Angles Train

From his debut single CD track 2 is outstanding :)

1 Unchained Melody
2 Evergreen (that track would rock as a track 10 in any Bodypump Class.)
3 Anything is Possible

I love the music of Gareth Gates and he is going to release a new CD this year :)

Vote 1: Evergreen [X] Gareth Gates

Shakira Hips Don't Lie (Fans Only Version)

That track would rock as an abs track in Bodypump it is Shakiras latest offering.

There is alot of bootie shaking and abs shaking in the video :)

Latino music rocks as an abs track in any Bodypump :)


Drowing Backstreet Boys!

©2001,Jive Int'l
When that song was released in 2001 and went to Bodycombat as a track 10 I was so Jealous well that may not be the word.

I would love to see Drowning as a track 10 in Bodypump :)

Whoever is choreographing Bodypump please consider that track for a track 10 it would rock :)

I even wrote some choreography for it :)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Page Ranking Added!

This site has a google page ranking of 3 out of a possible 10.

Awesome :)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Listening to Coyote Ugly We Can Get There (Almighty Extended Mix)!

(c)1999 Atlantic Records USA

1. We Can Get There - (TP2K Hot Radio mix)
2. We Can Get There - (Almighty Radio mix)
3. We Can Get There - (TP2K Club Radio mix)
4. We Can Get There - (Almighty Anthem Radio mix)
5. We Can Get There - (Thunderpuss 2000 Club mix)
6. We Can Get There - (Almighty Extended mix)
7. We Can Get There - (Thunder DUB)
8. We Can Get There - (Bonus Beats Of Thunderpuss)

There is a track on that CD by Mary Griffin called "We Can Get There" track 12.

Mary Griffin was last on Bodypump 40 with her wonderful track 1.

1 BP 40 Perfect Moment Mary Griffin
2 BP 40 Now we are free Dreamgate
3 BP 40 Spente Le Stelle Opera Trance
4 BP 40 Boom Boom Chayanne
5 BP 40 Stranger in the House Tamia
6 BP 40 Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice
7 BP 40 Feel the Beat Darude
8 BP 40 Rock Da Funky Beats Public Domain Feat. Chuck D.
9 BP 40 Have you ever seen the rain Inner Circle
10 BP 40 We are the champions Robbie Williams

Love Bodypump 40 :) that track would rock as a track 1:) Michael came to town to do that release here in a Masterclass :) with Michelle Bridges and Alani Mala. That was one awesome masterclass :)

Missing Posts

There are some missing posts. Blogger had a problem today!

Naughty server no donuts for you :)

The offending server that this blog site is hosted on has been sent to the corner and told not to do that again.

So we have a new server that this site is on.

Hopefully I can locate the posts missing and put them back where they were originally. If they are not there please e-mail me and I will put them back where they were.

Sorry about that!

Keira Green - My heart goes up!

My Heart Goes Up 2005 is her latest CD :)

Awesome trance going on there :) check it out!

Above & Beyond - Alone Tonight!

Above & Beyond are one of the UK’s outstanding dance music talents. Described by Pete Tong as the “UK’s new dance superstars”. Picking up where their last single, ‘Air For Life’ left off, 'Alone Tonight' is a cast iron floor-rocker - a pumping melodic trancer that features Richard Bedford on vocals. This CD has got a variety of mixes with a vocal and dub from Above & Beyond for the trance fans, Matthew Dekay vocal and dub for the prog fans and Disciples of Sound & Kid Lopez remix for all the house fans.

© 2003 amato distribution

6th March saw the release of Above and Beyonds new single Alone tonight an awesome track worthy of any Bodypump class :) IMO!

1. Alone Tonight (radio edit)
2. Alone Tonight (Above & Beyond's club mix)
3. Alone Tonight (Matthew Dekay vocal mix)
4. Alone Tonight (Disciples Of Sound & Kid Lopez mix)
5. Alone Tonight (Ronski Speed mix)

(c)2006 BLUE MOON (UK)

Track view>>>>>>>

Tri-State - Stealing Time - World On Fire - Air For Life - Can't Sleep - Untitled - Liquid Love -In The Past - Alone Tonight - For All I Care - Untitled - Good For Me

Their myspace is at:

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

VOTE 1: Rise Again - DJ Sammy for Bodypump 59!

(c)2005 Universal Music

If any track of recent times says Bodypump that track does. It would totally rock in any Bodypump class as a lunge track :) or squat track :)

VOTE 1 [X] Rise Again - DJ Sammy.

Bodypump 57 My Thoughts :) a month on :)

Warmup - Love the music and also like how Michael as blocked each exercise in the warmup. They relate to the exercises later in this release. The track rocked at the clubs last year and if you are a clubber then the track is going to go off. For the non-clubbers they will love track. I like the way Michael choreographed the ending shhhhhhh sneaky :)

Squats - You slowly come into the squats. Infernal are an awesome club act. If you are a clubber then this track is familiar for the non clubbers then something new. Love the music and tons of music interpretation. The choreography moves well to the music the music drives the squats. Michael ends the track with a nice end set. If you watched the video then the video is going to race through the mind when you do this track.Michael bought back something I have done in the early 20's series of Bodypump for this track :) I am not saying what release that was but was very surprised and happy to see it back in Bodypump :)

Chest - the track focuses on downstairs much like the releases in the 30's series. Lock load and get busy as Michael would say. Because you work the full range no reason why you can't load up the bar for this track :)

Back - 4 phases and that is something new to Bodypump. Michael left a legacy with this track and I guess they have to lift the bar to come close to this track IMO! One thing coach rowing technique (bring the rower out in the class.) If you think rowing and think scapular then this track is going to work the back rack and row :) that coxless fours :) and the Olympics and row till your shoulders drop off. :) I asked Michael to have a look at Cascadas website and he already did so and chosen her for Bodypump 57.

That has happened a few times I suggested a track on the LM site and he has choosen it already. Thinking of BP 45 Ganbareh Sash!, BP 48 I belive Sash!, BP 48 Bring me to life Evenescense, BP 46 I'm Gonna Getcha Good! Jackie 'O', BP 48 Get Me Some Mercury 4 for example.

Amazing to say the least.

Triceps - Love the Scissor Sisters it is a slow track so technique is what makes this track standout feel the music :) love the end :)

Biceps - shorter track the shortest one I can remember ever? The song is current and on the Australian and USA charts which is the first time in along time I can remember a track on the charts also in BP :) a nice set of range options and variations. Overall an awesome track :) tons of coaching cues come to mind :)

Lunges - there is an option to coach (Body Correction) with this track. The phases that Michael has choreographed with this track allow that. There is the option to loose the bar and make it a hip and waist track to get rid of that spare tyre :) love the ending. I really feel it in the waist this track and deep in the socket of the femur (head) and the gluteus as well.

Shoulders - I love the track I suggested this track in 2003 and I thought wow an awesome shoulder track. Michael has choreographed a well set of exercises to the music it is exactly as I pictured it when I heard the track in2003. (insert shock icon here.) it is now my fav shoulder track of all time in the 50's series, INXS are also tied for that honor as well.

Abs - Wow I asked so many times for b******** in Bodypump I must have annoyed them in 2002 with that one. I think that b******** are the best exercise for the obliques - TVA and Rectus Abdominus it hits every part of them. I truly wish one day that they would do an abs track with b******* and Hovers and nothing else :) that would hurt ouch :) this track is awesome and the choreography Michael has chosen is outstanding.

Cooldown - I adore Il Divo you need to seriously watch the video for this track before teaching this track. It is a must it sets the mood for the cooldown you understand the whole vibe of the track if you watch the video. If you also get ahold of the CD and listen to that then you can set the mood for the track. Also listen to Patrizio Buanne - The Italian then you can interpret this track. IMO!

If your instructor chats and chats and chats in track 10 tell them not to. Switch down the lights and and the music and just immerse youself in Il Divo :)

(Silence is golden.) Il Divo and Ancora should be in every persons music library.


What a WAY to go out on Michael that song says I have finished and packed up my bench weights and had an awesome workout. It would be a travesty of they don't stay for abs and the cooldown of release 57 (insert total shock icon here.) of they are not moved beyond belief with IL DIvo. I have wonderful memories of this track from Pump 24 as an abs track and followed by First Time I Saw Your Face (Roberta Flack.) the same thing as back then if anyone left and did not experience tracks 9 and 10 of Pump 24 then they missed out on one great ending to Pump 24.


Coming up retrospective of Michael J McSweeney - Additional Functionality to the PopUpCards!

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